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London’s Chronicles

by Veronica Romani


2nd January 2013. I feel better today, almost recovered from the New Year celebration, I might just pop into town and get some bits I need for survival.

“(Beep-Beep-Beep) insufficient balance on your oystercard” the card reader displays.

“Whaaat?? I still have £1,30 on it just right for a bus fare!”  I think.

The bus driver looks at me as says – as if he read my mind – << Sorry, love, transport costs have gone up…>>

Then he kindly smiles, nods and lets me on the bus without ticket.

“Bless him!” I think.

Since I’ve lived in this mad city, aka London, every 1st January the transport costs rise and every year the Mayor punctually promises that he will freeze them. The TV tells us that Britain is out of the recessions and millions of work places have been created. But it’s impossible to find a room to rent for less then £450 a month and I still have a waitress job that sort of pays most of the bills.

I graduated from University in July 2012 in Music and Arts Management with First Class Honours (top grades – for whoever is not acquainted with the English marking system). I have been involved in many projects and done internships and work experience that really helped me refine my skills. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I could work for an organisation and take a bit more responsibilities. In the past six months I have applied for at least fifty posts, paid and unpaid. However, good intentions are not what the industry is looking for. I am not sure what they are looking for, I just know that it is so frustrating, but I have to keep on going, because after so many no’s I will get my breakthrough yes, or that’s what they tell you.


Living in such an exciting city, culturally dynamic and ever-changing, where you can be whoever you want to be, is exhausting. I don’t have a feeling of oppression any more when I go back to my little home town, firstly because I know it won’t be for long and mummy cleans and cooks for me, and secondly because I know that I am living my life at its maximum. Although most of the people in my home town picture me as a borderline drug addict and definitely an alcoholic – I gave up beer but I do enjoy whiskey- I feel true to myself because I know that I am working really hard. But the price I have to pay is high, literally.  If you travel as a traveller even for a fairly long period of time, life is beautiful, but it’s not quite the same if you actually move somewhere with a long time project in your mind.

I live in freezing house , in a fairly dangerous neighbourhood. As mentioned before, I don’t have a stable job yet. However I know that I’m living at the maximum. It doesn’t mean that I go from party to party every evening and stay out till morning, passing by filthy bars and glamorous clubs. What makes it special are the life opportunities that you have here. It’s a bipolar relationship, there are moments where you feel like you could stay here forever, and feed yourself with the culture and the amasingness. Other times, you hate it and all you want to do is pack your bags, and run away from the frustration of rejection and failing. However, I’m still hanging here.

I don’t want to discourage anyone who is considering this option, yes it’s hard but it’s worth it. You will hear incredible stories and see unbelievable realities, and you will understand that it is necessary to go through hard times. You will definitely become much tougher, which is always good, no matter where you will be and what you will end up doing afterwards. Personally, I lost interest in daddy’s boys with ready money, my system of values has changed and I have grown closer to people that do hard work for living. I don’t like smartasses because too many times they have tried to take advantage of me. I am grateful to London, not just for culture and multi-cultures, art galleries, wonderful music, blues bars, diversity and opportunities, but mainly because I have learnt to fully appreciate people and to nurture this good feeling. Especially good people that do little deeds, just like this bus driver.



4 thoughts on “London’s Chronicles

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    Thanks a lot ,Lori

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